I am an educator

and a poet, 2nd dan blackbelt, software engineer, and social entrepreneur.

My greatest concern is how to leverage breakthrough technology to address the human condition in illuminating ways. My classrooms are often attended by laughter, sometimes so much that they’re asked to pipe down.

I love what I do for work

I teach literature, computer science, math, and martial arts to ages between 5 and 65. I taught in high risk neighborhoods in New York City, including Rikers Island. And I love every minute, every lesson.

my projects keep me sharp

Share Meals


Share Meals is dedicated to ensuring all college students are food secure. We want to empower them to strengthen their own communities through sharing food and we accomplish this through technology, activism, and advocacy.

  • Grand Prize Winner Stern $300k Entrepreneurs Challenge 20170

Sorty McSortFace


A computer vision powered automated recycling solution

  • Grand Prize Winner of PennApps XVI0
  • Facebook Favorite Hack 20171

sometimes I write poetry to make sense of the world

and sometimes just writing is enough.

Insight from the $300k Entrepreneurs Finals Stage

Sunday May 7, 2017

I have a lot of thoughts, memories, and emotions to unpack but I want to get this particular one written down before I forget it. When I…read more